We have been told by countless customers that we have the most beautiful products they have ever seen.
Clients will rave about how long their arrangement lasted. Even though they want to replace
an arrangement purchased from FlowersMakeMyDay.com, they often tell us,
“It dried so beautifully, I don’t want to throw it out!”

"I just want to say I love the wreath I received from you! I was so pleased that I was able to speak with you and customize my order so it looks perfect in my living room. I spoke with you on Monday to order my wreath, by Monday evening I received a text with the colors I had chosen for it. It was shipped out on Tuesday morning and I received it in Boise, Id. on Friday. Exceptional product and service. Thank you so much!"
Cynthia Schertell

"Mary Jane received her arrangement this morning in perfect condition and she is thrilled with it. She is very artistic and knows color and composition. She is a master gardener also so she knows plants. Well, your arrangement has her over the moon. Nothing like it has ever been seen in Turland, Vermont, that's for sure. I can't thank you enough for all the trouble you went to in order for this to happen. It is the highlight of her Christmas and mine!"

"Thank you so much for the beautiful flower basket arrangement. I bought it as a gift for my mom and she loves it! "



"Josh, Thanks for checking in; my Mom's arrangement arrived yesterday afternoon. Perfect timing! She loves it and was very impressed with its beauty. She is a master gardener so she truly appreciates your fine work. We still have your Protea arrangement in our family room that my wife Cheryl brought back with her during her February visit to Palm Desert. Much continued success"

Bill Ware


"My wreath arrived today. Beautiful! I bought one at the street fair three years ago. This will replace the original. Thank you."

Jeanne Doolittle


"I purchased a beautiful wreath today at COD, came home and hung in on my door and my oh my it is just beautiful, thank you."

Linda Mohler


"I purchased a wreath from you about 5 years ago. Today it is just as pretty and fresh as it was the day I bought it! It is still displayed in my home, and I continue to enjoy it every day!"


"I couldn't believe it at first... the spring mix basket I received was more beautiful than any flower arrangement I've ever seen. After one week it still looked amazing...two weeks, amazing; three weeks, amazing; four weeks, amazing; this went on and on and on it is now been six months and I am still in love with it. I am a customer for life."

Encinitas, CA



"This is going to be my new birthday gift for ALL on my list!

Omaha, NE


Hello Josh, Thank you for the exceptional flower arrangement which has most certainly "made my day".

Omaha, Nebraska


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